Thursday, February 1, 2007

CustomRSS Released

Welcome to the official blog for CustomRSS, a highly customizable Google Gadget for your personalized homepage. My name is David Gurak. I'm a software developer, and as you probably guessed I made CustomRSS.

I've always been big on "options" and customizing things, but unfortunately Google's official RSS gadget left a lot to be desired. I just wanted something with more color and flexibility. So I did what any developer would do and made my own!

You can find the official page and gadget link for CustomRSS here.

My friends and I have been using this gadget for over a year, but it was previously coded in PHP and therefore required that I host it myself. So last night I recoded it entirely in one tidy .xml file so that it could be hosted on Google Code...problem solved!

Anyway, I don't know how much I'll update this blog, but everyone's Grandma has one, so I figured CustomRSS should, too.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy CustomRSS!


Cybertelecom said...

First, very cool. Like it much. Nice that it is so configurable. I would have configured it more had you given the option.

How often does the widget call the RSS feeds. In other words, I updated my RSS feed several hours ago - but the widget reflects stale data. Is it a 6 hour cycle? 12 hours? 24?

Thanks. It is a nice job. Surprised there arent more comments here but then most people probably dont know about the blog page.

Roman said...

Thanks. Consider posting some instructions (a video?) on your website. I feel like a moron. No matter what feed I try to get, I get NO link, only a washed out favico.

ilias said...

thanks for the custom rss reader... the only bad thing about is the little google logo! ;)

Don't you still have it in php or do you know a way to waive out the google logo at the bottom? Thanks again for ths reader, i ve been looking for that for a while now....

Schiller said...

I've tried to set up your feeder to show craigslist ads that feature photos of items etc., and noticed that it doesn't pick up the URL that i've set up with search criteria. Can you get that to work?

Michael said...

Since your philosophy seems to be "completely customizable," I'm astounded that this program doesn't support regular expression comparisons on the incoming RSS feeds. Honestly, that would make this application's use 300x more customizable!

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Randall said...

I'd really prefer to change the default content to something that I'm interested in.

I can't figure out how to customize it.

Not intuitive. No documentation available.

Shamrock Basketball said...

Same Comment as Cybertelecom. . .

Very cool. . .change size, colors . .I torks great except I have the same questions. . .

How often does the widget call the RSS feeds? In other words, I updated my RSS feed several hours ago - but the widget reflects stale data. Is it a 6 hour cycle? 12 hours? 24?

ilias Benjelloun said...


thanks for the widget,

do you know how to get rid of the google logo?



MrF said...

I am just setting up my CustomRSS feed in iGoogle.
Thanks for creating a great and customisable gadget!

For some reason I cannot work out how to make mine look like your screen shot - ie. displaying the feed webpage from inside CustomRSS.

How do I set this up?

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lanboyo said...

How, exactly, can it be customized?

lanboyo said...

No way to modify, no directions here or on the web page.

Jy2m said...

Hello a stupid question : your RSS gadget appears in my web page without scroll bar so how can I do to add it as I can see it in Google page when I choice many items ?


Schmurtz said...


As I can see here ( there is 2 versions of CustomRSS.
The first one that I use since more than 1 year don't work anymore : it display this RSS ( : this is not my choice !

The second version is host on this website ( ... What is this website?

What is the real objective of CustomRSS?
Do you still the developper of these 2 version of custom RSS?

Please explain it to us....